Our Story

Melodies Foundation (also known as Melodies Foundation Organization-MFO) is a Christian Non-Profit Organization that was established in 2009. Over the past 10 years, we have strived to make life better for orphaned children, widows and widowers; not forgetting the aged in Arujo Ward-Homabay, Kenya. Due to high HIV prevalence in this region, many children are orphaned. Therefore, we are on a mission to continually offer support to this growing number of orphaned children, widows, widowers and the aged.

One of our major objective is to have 41 households in Arujo Ward, Homabay county fully supported and empowered for sustainability by 2025. There are 150 orphans and vulnerable children in Arujo ward all putting up in the 41 households. Out of the 150 children; 30 are orphans who are supported in 7 households, 50 have single parents and they are supported in 20 households, 20 have aged care givers above 70 years all supported in 4 households and 50 have both parents but are under abject poverty-they are supported in 10 households.

MFO (Melodies Foundation Organization) aims to ensure that all these children remain healthy, safe, stable and schooled while the caregivers are given adequate economic empowerement to support their respective households. We strive to address the social determinants of health to improve the wellbeing of children orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV. Once they are healthy and safe, we preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to them with an aim of establishing them spiritually.

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Project Objectives

In the absence of a coordinated intervention, these children and vulnerable households are at a risk of (a) not accessing quality health care (against HIV/AIDS and other diseases), (b) the caregivers would not afford to feed and sustain themselves, (c) the cases of teenage pregnancy, child abuse and children's rights violation would still be on the rise. Which is why we strive to:

  • Help them access quality medical care; we help them get NHIF cover which would help them access affordable healthcare.
  • Empower caregivers; giving them business grants and emergency cash transfers that help them start businessess for sustaining their households.
  • Make Christ known to all the children, caregivers and other vulnerable children by promoting spiritual awareness and teachings.
  • Keep the children and households safe by ensuring that they all have valid legal documents such as birth certificates and death certificates.
  • Offer a safe space/rescue center for vulnerable children, especially girls to avoid teenage pregnancy and abuse.
  • Provide scholarstic material to both primary school pupils and secondary school students to support their education.
  • Our Core Values

    Integrity, Leadership, Committment, Team Work and Diversity

    Our Vision

    To eliminate poverty and reduce stigma in the lives of the affected orphans, widows, widowers and the aged.

    Our Mission

    Glorifying God's Kingdom by serving the community to eliminate poverty and reduce stigma in the lives of the affected orphans, widows, widowers and the aged.

    Our Projects

    These are some of the projects that we are currently undertaking.


    Building Houses

    We are currently building two houses for five widows that we are previleged to take care of.

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    Feeding Orphans

    We are privileged to feed 150 children on a daily basis. This is a project that we started in 2009 and we still have a vision of feeding even more by God's grace.

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    Home Based Care

    We have a total of 40 widows and widowers (Children's Caregivers) on our Home Based Care program and 3 aged caregivers (Above 70 Years Old).

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    0 Aged Caregivers

    Supporting Small Businesses [SMEs]

    We support the businesses of 35 widows and 5 widowers by offering them soft loans which they return with a little interest. This is to keep them motivated and industrious.

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    Our Future Projects

    These are some of the projects that we are hoping to accomplish.


    Rescue Center For Girls

    We want to build a rescue center for girls who have experienced abuse of various forms. It will be equipped with a vocational training center and a medical center that will serve these children and women. This is a project that will ignite their hope again.

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    0 Facilities

    Educational Support

    Poverty has had a deep impediment on the education of children in Homabay and Its environs, especially girls. This is why we want to embark on this project. With your donation, you Will help us to make this a possibility by providing students [who are mostly girls] with school supplies, decent uniforms, vocational training, mentorship and counselling.


    Sponsor a Child

    Empower a child and transform the entire community. When you sponsor a child, you are giving his/her whole family an opportunity to come out from the bottomless pit of poverty.

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    Sponsor A Child

    To support these children, kindly Contact us or make a donation.


    Become a steward of Melodies Foundation. Share your passion with others to promote the vision of MFO [Melodies Foundation Organization]. Be part of changing these girls and children's lives forever. Contact Us for Registration!

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    MFO [Melodies Foundation Organization] will provide a safe, nurturing environment for girls fleeing from various forms of abuse, neglect, poverty, forced marriage and Female Genital Mutilation. You can find us in Homabay County, Kanyada-Arujo ward.


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